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Kitchen furniture

The manufacturer of kitchen furniture “Leander”, its position in the market thanks to high-end kitchen furniture, made with the finest materials and designed according to the needs of its customers …
but … “Leander” is not just kitchens.



Leander as a furniture maker also designs and manufactures other types of furniture. Therefore, we can almost completely equipped with furniture (kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, office, living room, hallway) all your home!

Our company also performs office furniture, hotel, doctor’s offices, shops.

Each piece of furniture we design for you we present in the form of computer visualization.

In our offer you will find a huge selection of materials.

If you are looking for furnishings, that’s for sure our offer will be right, because we produce furniture that meeting each individual, providing a modern and professional solutions.

Our carpenters are professional and have a lot of experience in doing this job because they do it for years and especially they love what they do. Therefore we manage to meet the needs of most demanding customers.

Just today we invite you to create your personal space directly from the manufacturer at low prices without intermediaries!

For customers from Wroclaw, transport FREE!

We offer a friendly and professional service.

We also invites to cooperation designers and architects.

Sample projects